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The King’s Players, Inc.

Entertainment with a difference…

The King’s Players, Inc. is a production company that was first established in 1988, and became a charitable organization in 1991.

The organization’s mandate is to create works that promote high ethical standards and examine subject matter of historical and cultural interest while encouraging civic responsibility. The King’s Players also provides opportunities for young people to work with established professionals on all productions.

Our most recent production, STANDING ON GUARD (a 6-part documentary series) was completed in the fall of 2014 and continues to be aired on MTS TV “Stories from Home”.

The successful public premiere of two of the films (The Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders and 2nd Battalion Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry), hosted by St. Margaret’s Church in November of 2014, paved the way for a similar evening in November 2015. This year the event was hosted (at their insistence) by The Royal Winnipeg Rifles and The Fort Garry Horse at Minto Armoury. Members of both regiments attended the premiere of their respective films.

With a new run of 1000 copies of the STANDING ON GUARD DVD set, The King’s Players is well positioned to move forward with marketing the sets in higher quantities. The fall of 2015 saw formation of a multi-talented and dedicated group of volunteers with a vision for getting the 6-film DVD sets into high schools, public libraries and select museums throughout Manitoba. The first step, achieved in December 2015, was for Manitoba Education and Continual Learning to green-light the inclusion of the STANDING ON GUARD series as a learning resource for the high school Social Studies curriculum in all Manitoba high schools.

The particular focus of this volunteer group is now to identify and attract sponsorship for this distribution to schools, as well as find additional avenues for distribution throughout the province, in places such as public libraries, museums, veterans groups, and more. Conversations with a number of potential sponsors are in progress at the time of this writing.

In addition to film and theatre production, The King’s Players offers insightful reviews of newly released DVDs. Whether television series, documentary, big screen film or small independent films, The King’s Players’ website offers links to more than 100 reviews. See our “Film and TV Reviews” for our recommendations in Comedy, Drama, Police Drama, Documentary, Horror/Thriller and Kids/Fantasy.